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Haff & Schneider GmbH & Co.

3D-Taster 2007_Probe Analogue 106000-2MM

3D-Taster 2007_Probe Analogue 106000-2MM


3D measuring sensor for NC machines, machining centres and eroding machines increases accuracy and reduces setup times and downtimes.

Made in Germany by Haff & Schneider GmbH & Co. 

Use our 3D measuring sensor for easy and accurate probing of reference edges at workpieces and fixtures, for swiftly setting zero points of NC programs or for measuring clamped workpieces.

  • High precision
  • Simple gauge calibration
  • Fine scaling of display range for accurate readings
  • Scaling for radial and axial probing
  • Comfortable and simple concentricity adjustment
  • Large working area in all directions
  • Shock proof and water proof according to IP67
  • Compact metal housing and long probe arm
  • Screw-on probe tip
  • Robust construction
  • Stylus with defined breaking point

Technical Data

Shaft diameter: Ø = 16 mm
Measuring accuracy: 0.01 mm
Dimensions: 174 x 57 x 43 mm
Available length of probe arm: 40 mm
Weight: 397 g
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