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Extended unmanned production with Xcelerate, first installation set up and running in NZ with a Makino PS105, to easy
Xcelerate, the automation solution for your CNC machine.

  • Compact and flexible
  • Easy to operate
  • ROI within 1 to 1.5 years



Cellro believes that today’s high-quality machining industry is filled with potential. But to remain globally competitive, the industry needs to produce more cost-effectively without compromising on quality. Only by employing the most flexible automation available, you can confidently maximise your machine’s profitability – even when you currently have no clear picture of your future production.

The advantages of Xcelerate

Xcelerate is intended for loading one machine at a time with workpieces and pallets − whether it is a new or old milling machine, a lathe, a measuring machine, a sharpening machine or another type of machine. Xcelerate can ensure that the production batch is automatically completed. When Xcelerate is not in use, the CNC machine is available for use in regular production. With Xcelerate; your productivity will increase, and production becomes more flexible and more often unmanned. This enables you to concentrate on more challenging work during regular hours.

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Multiple models: X10, X15, X20, X35, and X60

Xcelerate is available in several models. The models differ in storage capacity and robot handling weight. Xcelerate X10 and Xcelerate X20 are compact models particularly suitable for product handling for manageable products up to 12 kg and 35 kg respectively. Do you have workpieces with a weight within this range? Then Xcelerate X20 is best suited for you. For lighter products, Xcelerate X10 is sufficient. Xcelerate 15 and X35 easily combine pallet and product handling, giving you maximum flexibility in the choice of your fixture. Due to the removable drawers, the pitch between the drawers can be easily adjusted to the desired product height. Machinists working with larger and/or heavier products and needing a large storage capacity should choose Xcelerate X60, which uses trays with a high storage capacity. The flexible height can be easily adjusted to the desired product height. And access to the CNC machine remains open to the operator.

Xcelerate models

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