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Haff & Schneider GmbH & Co.

3D-Taster Digigraph_Probe Digital 106000

3D-Taster Digigraph_Probe Digital 106000


3D measuring sensor for NC machines, machining centres and eroding machines increases accuracy, reducing setup times and downtimes. 

Made in Germany by Haff & Schneider GmbH & Co. 

Use our digital 3D measuring sensor for easy and accurate probing of reference edges at workpieces and fixtures, for swiftly setting zero points of NC programs or for measuring clamped workpieces.

  • High precision
  • Independent of control
  • Easy-to-read combined display
  • Single scale for radial and axial probing
  • Comfortable and simple concentricity adjustment
  • Large working area in all directions
  • Shock proof and water proof according to IP65
  • Compact metal housing and long probe arm
  • Stylus with defined breaking point

Technical Data

Shaft diameter:Ø = 16 mm
Measuring accuracy:< 0.01 mm
Display accuracy:< 0.005 mm
Dimensions:82 x 65 x 39 mm
Available length of probe arm:40 mm
Weight:520 g
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