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Contact Tachometer

Contact Tachometer


Rotary Speed Range: 0.5-19999 rpm
Linear Speed Range: 0.05-1999.9 m/min

Rotary Speed Resolution:
0.1 rpm (<1000rpm), 1 rpm (=1000rpm)
Linear Speed Resolution:
0.01 m/min (<100m/min), 0.1m/min (=100m/min)

Rotary Speed Accuracy:
±(0.5%+d) rpm (<300rpm), ±(0.05%+d) rpm (=300rpm)
Linear Speed Accuracy:
±(0.1%+d) m/min

Sampling time: 0.8s (<60rpm)
Power supply: 2x1.5V AAA battery
Dimension: 55×33×158 mm
Weight: 106g

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