What is the future of CADCAM?

I regularly get asked where is CADCAM going as part of the manufacturing cycle? I always go back with well it comes down to liability, if CAD & CAM become automated such as the idea of STEPNC.

The STEP NC AP238 Standard

STEPNC has been a long running international project, the aim is to
change the language machine tool controllers use from M&G codes to a standard that has an associative link from CAD to direct control of CNC machinery using defined machining processes in the STEPNC format.
This will be a great leap forward when we look at IOT and industry 4.0, as it also adds  geometry, tolerance and inspection data, all this is combine in to a new standard ISO 10303-238.

Will we see CAD & CAM continue to evolve like this article By David Gray

The future of computer-aided manufacturing

 What do you think I would love to understand what is evolving out there, as the old saying goes it hard to sell a secret so lets talk about it.


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