Workshop file set 5 952210 5

Workshop file set 5 952210 5

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Popular tool sets in two-colour moulded PE rigid foam inlays. The closed-pore foam is oil-resistant and does not absorb liquids of any sort. Upper layer is anthracite, the underlying contrast colour is grey, thereby indicating any missing tools.

Supplied with:

Rigid foam inlay, empty No. 952001 size 952210: 1 pc.
HOLEX set of files, 5 pieces, No. 517420 size 250: 1 pc.

Technical Data

Rigid foam quality LD45, thickness 30 mm
Degree of fill of a drawer in units 8×16
Width 200 mm
Depth 400 mm
Width in G 8
Depth in G 16
Type of product Rigid foam inlay with files