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Square frame level with adjustable vial 150/2 mm

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Sturdy frame of high quality special casting; hammer finish. 3 sides Vee ground, 1 side flat. One longitudinal and one transverse vial each of glass. The sensitivity (scale value) of the longitudinal vial is specified on the square. Accuracy grade 1 has insulated handles on the housing and protective glass cover over the vials.
Adjustment of the longitudinal vial:
An adjustment screw allows the longitudinal vial to be reset to the 0 position easily and without play, with no need for disassembly.


For aligning horizontal and vertical faces, shafts etc. and for accurate alignment at a 90° angle.


DIN 877 − classes 1a and 1b.


1 = DIN 877 class 1a
with very high sensitivity longitudinal vial 0.02 mm/m.
2 = DIN 877 class 1b
with high sensitivity longitudinal vial 0.1 mm/m.