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PB Swiss Tools

Screwdriver set with 2-component SwissGrip handle ESD 10

Screwdriver set with 2-component SwissGrip handle ESD 10

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Blades of PB Swiss Tools special alloy combining maximum hardness with exceptional toughness. Blade screwdriver tips are plane parallel and exactly match the DIN slotted screw sizes. Tips of cross-head blades precisely milled. Chrome-plated, black tips.
Power grip with a non-allergenic elastomer surface and a particularly tough impact-resistant polypropylene core to hold different blades, particularly secure grip, even with oily hands.

Content table use:

Slot-head blades No. 659928: Size 4; 5.5; 6.5; 8
Blades for Phillips No. 659921: Sizes 1 and 2
Reamer blade No. 667640: 1 pc.
Precision screwdriver (slot-head) No. 664415: Sizes 2.5 and 3
Plastic grip: 1 pc.

Supplied with:

Textile roll-up wallet.
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