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Pferd | Diamond needle file set, 11 pieces, 140 mm

Pferd | Diamond needle file set, 11 pieces, 140 mm

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The blanks for these needle files are forged and ground from special steel. The diamond needle files are evenly spread with diamond powder of uniform grit and electro-bonded in place. The even diamond coating and the hardness of the diamond ensure best filing results. Overall file length = 140 mm; diamond coated length = 70 mm; shank ⌀ = 3 mm.


For precision finishing of cutting, stamping and press tools made of hardened steel or carbide. Also for working glass, ceramic etc. Use light pressure for filing, particularly at edges. Heavier pressure does not increase the removal rate but damages the file.

Supplied with:

In a plastic box.
11 pieces, 1 file each of shape 1-11 (all shapes), additionally 1 flat file with round edges.

Optional extras:

A quick-release handle for these files can be found under No. 519700.
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