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NC high pressure vice version LC 125

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Click quick-change system for parallel inserts / jaws. Short set-up times and high flexibility.
Fully enclosed and nitrided spindle (increased operational reliability, optimised swarf protection, minimised cleaning requirement).
Compact size; optimum ratio between jaw span and overall length. Clamping force can be checked visually by the 4 ring marks. Maximum clamping pressure reproducible using integral fixed stop.
Particularly rigid base body made of spheroidal graphite iron, top and bottom faces; pairing accuracy 0.02 mm.
Supplied with 25H6 M10 holes for zero point clamping systems, pitch 200 mm.
Universal clamping system for machining centres.
Supplied with:
2 stepped jaws, 1 crank handle, 4 steplessly adjustable clamps, and 1 hexagon L-wrench.
Optional extras:
For tenon and Tee nut set see No. 360530.
See No. 360555; 352650 and 360800 for spare component backstop / spare crank handle.
See No. 360850 for hand crank extension.
See also No. 361380 − 361770 and 362390 − 362600 for other jaws.
For spare stepped jaws see No. 361400; 361420 and 361295; 361296.
Clamping stud No. 360025.
Click system stepped inserts for drilling close to the edge of flat components,
see No. 361950 / 1960 / 1970.
For stepped jaws see No. 361400 / 1420 / 1295 / 1296.