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Multi-point clamping rail 400 mm

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All functional faces precision ground, pairing accuracy 0.03 mm.
Base rail and jaws case hardened.
Compact modular design, high clamping force up to 20 kN, maximum tightening torque 25 Nm.
Attachment hole pattern for GARANT ZeroClamp zero point clamping system (200 mm pitch) as standard, can be mounted on clamping plates or matrix tables, or using table clamps.
Ruler inset into the top face permits repeatable positioning of the clamp attachments in the serrations of the clamping rail.
Easily clamped using a torque wrench.
5-face machining on multi-axis machining centres.
As a cost-effective clamping solution for use with the GARANT ZeroClamp zero-point clamping system or with pallet and automated systems, or directly on to the machine table or clamping towers.
Optional extras:
Clamping jaw variants, magnetic strip, workpiece backstops see No. 360084 to 360096. Torque wrench No. 656050 size 60, clamping stud No. 360025 size 12M10, clamp No. 360127
For torque wrenches see No. 656050_25, for clamping studs see No. 360025_12M10.