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Mitutoyo (100-800-12) Digital caliper IP67 with rod type depth gauge 150 mm 412624 150

Mitutoyo (100-800-12) Digital caliper IP67 with rod type depth gauge 150 mm 412624 150

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Electronic caliper with absolute electronics and large easy-to-read display. Resistant to water, oil, and dust. Low energy consumption permits 18000 h continuous use on a single battery (size 300: 5000 h). The device is turned on automatically when it is moved and switches off automatically when not used for about 20 minutes.


IP67: Protected against intermittent immersion in water and protected against penetration by dust (dust-tight), also completely protected against touching.

Supplied with:

1 battery No. 081560 size 357.

Technical Data

Standard DIN 862
Measuring range 0 mm - 150 mm
Scale divisions 0.01 mm
Error limit 0.03 mm
Depth gauge available yes
Depth gauge ⌀ 1.9
IP Index of Protection IP 67
Jaw length 40 mm
Measured value saving Once-off setting of the zero position
Auto switch-off yes
Working time 15000 h
Measurement technology digital
Material Stainless steel, INOX
all parts hardened
Packaging sturdy box
Calibration A1
Power supply Battery-powered
Number of batteries contained 1
Article no of the battery / rechargeable battery fitted 081560 357
Type of product Vernier caliper standard
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