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KNIPEX® Universal socket key 1

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Four-way wrench of die-cast zinc with plastic adapter and exchangeable bit (Phillips and slot-head).


For heating, air conditioning, sanitation, and building services.

Suitable for:

Square socket 5; 7; 8 mm, triangular socket 9 – 10 mm, stepped square plug 6; 7; 8; 9; 10 mm, hexagon 3 mm (for grub screws), bit holder 1/4 inch, cross-head PH2, slot-head 1.0 × 7 mm.

Technical Data

overall length 90 mm
Drive profile Square sockets; Triangular sockets; Square screwdriver; Hexagon sockets; Screwdriver for Phillips; Slot-head screwdriver; Screwdriver for TORX® screws
Type of product Control panel key