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Holex Milling cutter SET HSS-E-SPM SET 191639 SET

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For roughing and finishing, multi-tooth with general purpose geometry.
One each end mill No. 191637 ⌀ 6; 8; 10; 12 and 16 mm.

Supplied with:

5 pieces.


For cutting data recommendations see item 191637.

Technical Data

Coating TiAlN
Tool material HSS E SPM
Standard DIN 844 B
Type N
Tolerance nominal ⌀ 0 / -0.03
No. of teeth Z 4
Helix angle 38 degrees
Helix angle characteristic unequal spacing
Spacing of the cutters unequal spacing
Direction of infeed horizontal, oblique and vertical
Cutting width ae for milling operation 0.3×D for side milling
Shank DIN 1835 B to h6
Machining strategy HPC
Corner chamfer angle 45 degrees
Colour ring green
Type of product End mill