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Holex Hand tap set M12 130200

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Set of three, consisting of taper, second, and plug tap.

Technical Data

Thread size M12
Coating uncoated
Thread type M
Flank angle 60 degrees
Tool material HSS
Standard DIN 352
Thread standard DIN 13
Tolerance class ISO 2 6H
Taper lead form A; D; C
Shank Plain shank with h9
Through-coolant no
Application for type of drilling up to 3×D for blind holes and through holes
Cutting direction right-hand
Thread pitch 1.75 mm
Overall length L 70 mm
Shank ⌀ D9 mm
Shank square □ 7 mm
Tapping hole ⌀ 10.2 mm
Thread ⌀ 12 mm
Type of threading tool Hand tap
Colour ring without
Thread depth 24 mm
Type of product Tap