HOLEX esd PAIR OF GLOVES - 094222 SIZES 7-11


HOLEX esd PAIR OF GLOVES - 094222 SIZES 7-11



Gloves with particularly good touch sensitivity, for protection against electrostatic discharge (ESD). With good freedom of movement for the fingers, due to the flexible base material. Particularly suitable for the assembly of electronic components and circuit boards, and for cabling and wiring.
Fingers tips coated for a secure grip and good breathability.


EN 388; EN 420


The minimum order quantity corresponds to one pack unit quantity (VPE) or a multiple thereof.

Gloves which protect against electrostatic discharges do not insulate the hands against electrical voltages. Not suitable for working on live cables or for protection against electric shock - they protect only the product.

Technical Data

Glove characteristics Suitable for touch screens
electrical insulation EGB/ESD
EN 388:2016 013XX
Backing material Polyester, carbon
Coating PU
Application range Precision
Colour white / pale grey
Type of product ESD gloves