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High-pressure vice without swivel base



  • Base body as well as fixed and movable clamping pieces of high-quality spheroidal graphite cast iron (GGG60). All wearing parts such as the jaw guides hardened and ground.
  • Mechanical-hydraulic clamping system with power intensifier with clamping force pre-setting.
  • Constant clamping force for each clamping operation, high repeat accuracy.
  • Base plate with longitudinal slot allowing quick alignment of the vice.
  • Enclosed spindle.
Exchangeable jaws.
Quick adjustment of the clamping range.
Pre-setting of the clamping pressure.


For vibration-free, reliable clamping under high cutting and feed rate forces. Quick clamping by hand crank.

Supplied with:

1 pair grooved jaws (rear face smooth), hand crank.

Optional extras:

For replacement jaws see No. 362076 / 2077 / 2079, swivel base on request.