High-pressure vice 125 mm - MQTooling


High-pressure vice 125 mm



  • Base body and movable upper sliding blocks made of spheroidal graphite iron GGG 60, slides hardened and ground.
  • Mechanical power intensifier with precise clamping force pre-selection.
  • Maintenance-free and fully enclosed high pressure spindle.
  • As standard with hardened and ground smooth clamping jaws.
  • Base plate with longitudinal and cross tenons provides for quick and precise alignment of the vice in longitudinal and transverse directions.


  • For vibration-free, absolutely reliable clamping at maximum cutting and feed rate forces.
  • Tight manufacturing tolerances enable a number of vices to be fitted in line with each other.

Supplied with:

4 table clamps, 1 pair hardened jaws, crank handle.

Optional extras:

  • For tenon and Tee-nut set see No. 360530; for accessories see No 362015 − 362025.
  • For further jaws see No. 362400 − 362620.