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Gauge block set Ceramic, tolerance class 1 32

Gauge block set Ceramic, tolerance class 1 32

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Made of ultra-pure ceramic zirconium dioxide (ZrO2) manufactured in asintering process.
approx. 1350 HV, about twice as hard as steel.
Tensile strength:
approx. 70% of the flexural strength of steel. Insensitive to shock and impact.
Wear resistance:
Lasts about 10 times longer than steel.
 No burr formation. No plastic deformation. Scratches and small defects have no influence on the measuring result. The surface remains slip capable longer than steel.
Handling / care:
Highly resistant to alkalis, acids, oil, and grinding water. No need for time-intensive degreasing before use and re-greasing after use which is required for steel. Low weight is an advantage for large sizes.
Temperature characteristics:
Coefficient of expansion (9.5 ±1.0) 10−6 K−1 similar to that of steel. Low thermal conductivity.
Cannot be magnetised.
Slip capability:
The homogeneous, high density structure gives optimum holding, even to steel, and easy slip capability. Galling is excluded.
With free test certificate traceable to national standards:
Each gauge block is provided with its own unique identity number. The actual deviation from the nominal dimensions is recorded in the test certificate. The absolute actual dimension is therefore known.


Tolerance class 1 as working and adjusting master for gauge checking. For inspection rooms.

Content table use:

1 pc. each of size: 1.005; 10; 20; 30; 50 mm
Graduation 0.01: 9 pcs. 1.01 − 1.09 mm
Graduation 0.1: 9 pcs. 1.1 − 1.9 mm
Graduation 1.0: 9 pcs. 1 − 9 mm

Technical Data

Test certificate
Manufacturer’s test certificate 
sturdy box 
Zirconium Oxide (ZrO2) ceramic material 
1350 HRC
Tolerance class
DIN EN ISO 3650 
1350 HV
Number of gauge blocks
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