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Garant | Set of grinding points fine 10

Garant | Set of grinding points fine 10

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GARANT grinding points (OSA certified and tested to DIN EN 12 413) are specially designed for hardness, bonding, grit type and grit size for the specific applications and cover a very wide application range. Minimal radial run-out ensures vibration-free grinding which is good for man, machine, and component. GARANT grinding points are generally suitable for edge and surface grinding and provide you with maximum material removal rates, long service life, and consistent surface finish quality of the component.
Shank ⌀ 3 mm × 30 mm. Recommended circumferential speed 30 −50 m/s.
Ceramic bonded grinding points in pink electro-carborundum (AR). Medium-hard version.
Assortment of grinding points in the most popular shapes and sizes.


For general-purpose grinding of unalloyed and low-alloy steels and cast iron.
Recommended cutting speed 30 − 50 m/s.

Supplied with:

1 each grinding point ZY0205 / ZY0306 / ZY0510 / ZY1303 / ZY1604 / KU06 / KU10 / SP0306 / D18 0708 / B53 0816.
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