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Engineer’s level with adjustable vial 150/1 mm

Engineer’s level with adjustable vial 150/1 mm

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Sturdy housing of high quality special casting; Vee base with ground contact surfaces in the angle (important for marking out, aligning, etc.). All measuring faces are exactly parallel to the axis of the vial. One longitudinal and one transverse vial each of glass. With insulated handles on the housing and protective glass over the vials.
Adjustment of the longitudinal vial:
An adjustment screw allows the longitudinal vial to be reset to the 0 position easily and without play, with no need for disassembly.


For aligning surfaces, shafts, machines etc.


DIN 877 −  class 1a / 1b / 2.


1 = DIN 877 class 1a
with very high sensitivity longitudinal vial 0.02 mm/m.
2 = DIN 877 class 1b
with high sensitivity longitudinal vial 0.1 mm/m.
4 = DIN 877 class 2
with normal sensitivity longitudinal vial 0.4 mm/m.
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