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Centring vice 120 mm

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Centring vice for flexible applications.
  • Absolute operational reliability thanks to enclosure.
  • High repetition accuracy 0.02 mm.
  • Variable central alignment ±0.02 mm.
  • User-friendly design, versatile range of jaws.
  • Functional faces hardened.
  • Sturdy design of tool steel, surface protection by brief exposure nitriding.


  • Flexible lightweight.
  • Multi-functional use.

Clamping rail (80 mm or 120 mm, extension base or clamping pots (⌀ 90 for size 80 and ⌀ 120 or 138 for size 120: pre-prepared connection hole).


Ideal for 5-face machining, perfect for clamping blank parts. Extremely versatile, wide range of applications: Pallet and automated systems, multiple clamping for instance on clamping rails, individual clamping on extension bases or directly on the machine.

Supplied with:

Socket set No. 647450 E12

Optional extras:

For clamping jaw variants see No. 360135 to 360149.
Extension base; No.360152 or 360154, centring/adaptor plate No. 360132 is required to mount the centring vice on the clamping pots (spare parts list), special clamping studs 360131 (for 360130).