Abrasive sleeve (A) 150 grit fine 553740

Abrasive sleeve (A) 150 grit fine 553740

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The rubber body of the abrasive sleeve holder expands at high speed to hold the abrasive sleeve in place. The full width of the sleeve can be used, it does not slip and can be replaced quickly and easily (twist in the direction of slots when fitting/removing). Only compatible with abrasive sleeve holders.
Made of non-tearing, synthetic resin bonded material with long service life and good grit adhesion. Unsuitable for use with cooling lubricants.
Aluminium oxide (A).


Abrasive sleeves are predominantly used for surface grinding tasks which require the removal of large amounts of material − even at sharp edges.

Suitable for:

Sander band holder No. 553600.

Technical Data

Grinding media Standard Aluminium Oxide
Grinding medium code A
Sleeve shape cylindrical
Type of product Abrasive sleeve

Note: minimum order 10 units